Prince of the Seas. The Common Dolphin.

Finally, a book dedicated to the nicest cetacean.

Pedro Goulão (text) and Tiago Galo (illustrations) tell us everything there is to know about the Common Dolphin in the new title of the Museu Casa da Moeda collection, published by INCM, with design and art direction by Pato Lógico.

«Prince of the Seas, the Common Dolphin», is a story told in the first person by Benjamim, a restless and young common dolphin, who guides us, through countless adventures to the aquatic world of his species, thus revealing, in a fun way and pedagogical, to young readers and beyond, countless details of the daily lives of these fascinating animals.

Where they live, what they eat, what ancestors they had, what biological family they belong to, what dangers they face, what we can do to help them survive in an environment full of human threats are some of the topics covered in this book.

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